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The Mob

Xu Fang Zhou, Yan Jia Ying, Zhang Jun Ran, Chen Jun Xi

Zhao Cong

In 1928 Shanghai, a new triad gang plans to expand their territory, causing conflicts with the old triad gang. As the son of the old triad boss seeks revenge for his father's death, he accidentally makes friend with the new triad boss' right-hand man. However, as the two are destined rivals, a fatal battle between them is inevitable!

Dangerous Pursuit

Li Fei, Yuan Bai Zi Hui

Xu Ming Wen

Agula, a friend and coworker of Narcotic agent Yan, is killed by the drug dealer Chi Na. While Yan takes care of Agula's family, he encounters Chi Na who wants to flee the country with the help of Agula's father.

Men of Sacrifice

Duan Bo Wen, Hu Hao Bo

Zhang Bo

After a sudden explosion in the city, the anti-explosion team dashes to the scene to rescue and investigate. Led by Officer Ma and Officer Zhu, they prioritize people's safety and set out to prevent further explosions. Tension mounts as the situation becomes increasingly volatile. Can the team defeat the odds and bring an end to the crisis?

Apolar Battlefield

Liu Yi Chen, Zhang Yang, Xu Shi Chen, Sun Zhen Peng

Guo Yu Long

In the late Yuan dynasty, a secret gang invites top martial arts masters to an event to showcase a martial arts treasure, with an intention to drug the masters so that they fall under their control and can serve the gang. Tai Chi master Zhang San Feng attends the event to uncover their plot and successfully destroys the evil gang in the end.

King Serpent Island

Liu Lin Cheng, Shao Yun, Wang Hong Qian, Rong Wei Feng

Chen Huan Xiang

A greedy property developer bribes a snake catcher gang to eradicate serpents on King Serpent Island for profit. Meanwhile, the snake clan's descendant and two animal protection experts venture to the island to confirm the existence of the legendary Titan Snake, resulting in a fierce battle with the ruthless gang to preserve the island's ecology.

The General Yu Dayou

Han Dong, Lu Xing Yu, Li Ming Xuan

Zhu Xun

In the Ming Dynasty, people living at the coastal area suffer under the Japanese pirates and bandits, and the young Yu uncovers their plots, thereby saving his country and the people. While young Yu aspires to be a warrior, he eventually learns that he must use his sword to protect the people and the country to become a true hero.

Sword Dynasty: The Treasure of Sword

Zhao Yuan Yuan, Liu Yi Tong

Wu Di

The sole survivor from a massacre, Ye pretends to be subservient to Emperor Heng and awaits a chance to avenge his master's death. Ye and Chen are assigned to investigate a case of a blood demon. In the process, Ye accidentally rescues Ji Zhen who poses as a monster hunter. With the help of Ji Zhen, Ye unravels the truth about the blood demon.

The Revenge of Plant

Xie Zhi Xun, Wang Xin Ting

Huang Huang

Huo, a famous university botany professor, uses animal and plant DNAs to develop a virus. His assistant, Cheng, falls in love with his student, Ke, but Ke gets infected during a sudden virus outbreak in the university. To save Ke and the university, Cheng stumbles upon the professor's secret laboratory and unveils a secret between Huo and Ke.

Unbending Mr. Fang

Wang Zhao, Peng Bo, Yi Long, Shi Xuan Ru

Guo Yu Long

Having mastered the Shaolin martial arts, Fang Shi Yu yearns for a tranquil existence back home but becomes entangled in a corruption scandal. The governor's henchman assigns a squad to eliminate witnesses and erase all evidence. Despite facing his best friend's death and his mother's captivity, Fang vows to fight against the forces of evil.

Impasse Rescue

Li Ze Yu, Shao Xing Ying

Professor Qin

General Huang leads 800 warriors to rescue General Li and other generals trapped by the 100,000 Sha Men troops in Bai Po City. He successfully saved General Li after overcoming various dangers, and stalled Sha Men forces as they await troop reinforcements. In the end, General Li and the 800 warriors heroically safeguard their homeland.

Monster Hunter

Shu Ya Xin, Ma Li, Wang Qun Shi

Wang Hao

In the Republican time in Shanghai, monster hunter Yu saves an actress in a play from a monster's attack, at the same time interrupting a cop's love confession for her. As the trio gets involved in a series of mysterious cases, they find out that the cases are related to a legend about a giant monster who will soon be returning to the world...

Sword Dynasty:Messy Inn

Xiao Xu, Liu Hai Lan

Wu Di

Under the oppressive rule of Emperor Heng, some volunteers sign on the "Belt Oath" to overthrow the government. The Emperor sends killers to eliminate them, including Bai Shan Sui and Xie Rou. Xie's brother falls for Bai, so he follows the killers to the inn, but ends up causing a series of hilarious events due to misunderstandings.

The Love of Immortal

Eric Suen, Lorene Ren

Dong Wei

Tian Yi is destined to fail as an immortal in heaven. When he accidentally frees Snowy and makes her a demon, he wanders in hell for thousand years to right his wrong. After a series of hardships, Snowy and Tian Yi manages to get married, but the heavenly warriors attempt to arrest Snowy. Can the couple live happily ever after?

Intra Game Robbery

Li Ming Ming, Wen Hong

Li Yong Chao

While hotpot restaurants thrive in Hong Kong, a young man taking over his father's hotpot business faces tough times ahead. He remains resilient and insists on keeping all his staffs, hoping for a turnaround. When gangsters hold his staffs, customers and fiancée hostage in the restaurant one day, he vows to fight back and bring them to justice.

My Heroic Husband

Liu Guan Lin, Wang Zhi Xuan, Yue Yang, Dai Xiang Yu

Zhao Qi Chen

Su Wen Xing aspires to take over the family's textile shop, but loses the control to his cousin. To prove himself, he sets out on a journey to find his own success but faces repeated setbacks. In despair, he reconnects with an old classmate who collaborates with him on a business venture, resulting in a series of amusing and chaotic escapades.

Must Watch

Ip Man

The Whirlwind of Sword and Fairy


The Story of Tang Bo Hu


Ghost Sniper

Zou Zhao Long, Xu Shen Dong

Jiang Jing Zhong, Wang Wen Bo

Lin Shen leads the insurance company's ghost team to save a scientist. During the mission, they discover a child trapped in a cage but are ambushed on their way to the rescue. As Yu Wei writes the last paragraph of his novel "Ghost Sniper", he is shot in the head. It is not till he wakes up that Yu Wei realizes he has become his novel's character!